virus: Virion tarot
Fri, 27 Sep 1996 16:47:46 -0600

Hey, all --

As long as we're throwing around the idea, why not set up some tests?
E-mail readings would seem the perfect means for eliminating verbal or
non-verbal feedback (which most "psychics" use as a guide for their
If the tests fail, we may be able to decisively bring an end to this
thread.... (Question is, who wants to say that it works? My previous post
should have made my views on that point clear enough. :b )

BTW, Wade:
I agree with your comment that religious texts are intended for
obfuscation -- in the main. But some are also intended to set up immutable
codes of conduct and law (the Qur'an comes to mind as an example), and
others are intended to usurp recognition for historical acts (I & II
Judges, for example). Obfuscatory texts are better represented by such
books as the Dhammapada (Bhuddist), the Bhagavad Gita (Hindu), and the
Zohar (Qabbalistic Judaic). All of these share the trait of having been
written by the "enlightened," rather than by "historians" or prophets.

BTW, David:
If I remember correctly what you wrote in your last post, it is
definitely a valid option to use a redesigned Tarot deck for intellectual
stimulation: that's why I previously brought up the Creative Whack Pack.
IBM found it effective....
However, Lynn V. Andrews' Power Deck was made for the same purpose
(and uses the same structure) but serves only to confuse. The difference is
in the memes portrayed in each deck -- a fact that suggests that a Virion
deck (if the Tarot structure is avoided) may be effective but must be
_carefully_ designed.

Toward the accumulation of useful information,