Re: virus: Holy Fire

Jason McVean (
Thu, 26 Sep 96 16:57:58 MDT

Vicki Rosenweig writes:

> My immediate thought on "what techniques can we lift from Tarot"
> is that Tarot appeals to people who think visually, and maybe we
> should try to create a set of Virian images that would promote, or
> serve as reminders of, our ideas. Also, Tarot images are somewhat
> plastic: there's always a Fool, for example, but the exact appearance
> of the card changes from deck to deck (and different people who care
> about such things have different ideas of how much alteration is
> possible before a set of cards with pictures on them stop being a
> Tarot deck).

A Virian Tarot deck! Now _that_ is an interesting idea. I'll have
to think about the implications of it but it sounds visually
intriguing. Unfortunately, I know very little about Tarot cards
so I don't know how much can be borrowed from them. Any ideas
from more knowledgeable folk out there?


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