RE: virus:
Thu, 26 Sep 96 10:10:43 BST

Phew, I got back from Spain about two weeks ago, and it's taken me that long
to catch up with all the emails. I've had to back track through about 150 of

Anyway, just after I got back, I re-subscribed to, because
there didn't seem to be much traffic on Virus-digest. Are all messages sent
to virus delivered through the digest, or is it just the messages of the
people who are subscribed to it? It certainly doesn't seem to contain as much
correspondance as I get through individual emails.

If someone could tell me what the actual function of Virus-digest is, I'd be
grateful, 'cos I'm wondering whether it'd be worth subscribing to both Virus,
and Virus-digest! That is, if there's any difference.


Richard Jones
"We are the New Breed,
We are the Future"