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Wed, 25 Sep 1996 21:52:24 -0400

At 18:00 -0600 9/25/96, you wrote:

>>'Spirituality' _is_ pseudo- although the intellectual is an open question.

> This is the second wholly irresponsible comment that I have seen you
>make on this list: are you calling everyone who opens him/herself to even
>the _possibility_ of a spiritual/religious viewpoint an idiot?

> Noctem

Well, I was being flippant. And I've counted at least seven wholly
irresponsible comments. (Comes from firing off replies, a grave fault of

I am ready to say, yes, they should be opening themselves to something
else, and possibilities are always present. Hard to do anything else but be
open to a possibility....

And yes, I think 'spirituality' is pseudo, but not necessarily invalid. I
think we are still looking for a valid definition of the term as it applies
to CoV. It is the embrace of religiousness that I consider misdirected.
Religiousness and spirituality are quite probably twain. I am a
materialist, however, and am still unwilling to separate any spirit from
the flesh.

And I am ready to say, along with many others it seems, that regardless of
traditions and past endeavors, there just ain't any reason not to say
bye-bye to religion in any of its forms. There's more out there, Horatio....

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