RE: virus: Re: virus-digest V1 #31
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 18:22:53 -0600

A while ago I wrote:

>> You wrote, "Jesus H. Christ on a popsicle stick [nice image, by the
>>way; sodomy and the saced in combination... :)] ! Aren't all these things
>>enough? What do [you] become Gods?"
>> First question: No.
>> Second question: Yes.

and Mr. Konsler recently replied,

>I agree with both of these answers. I'll tell you what, I'll seek
>omnipotence through greater understanding of the physical pray,
>or mediate, cast stones...whatever. When I get there I'll wake you up.
>I feel like the Little Red Hen.

Since when did I say that I cast stones? Or meditated? Or PRAY? All
I'm saying is that I've seen pus-seeping wounds open on exposed flesh (1/4
inch deep and 3 inches long) with no one touching it. Call it psychosomatic
if you will. I'm sure someone else (yes, you, Wade) will call it
I don't care. I've simply found certain techniques useful and the
effects repeatable. I don't claim to know how it works. I don't claim that
it comes from God or anything else. However, I'm not going to drop
something that consistently (that it, with a success rate of 90%+) produces
the effects that I am looking for, just because someone else _thinks_ that
it's bunk. And I'm not going to consider my perceptions flawed for that
reason, either.
I don't astral travel.
I don't do Reiki.
I don't consider myself a shaman.
I don't worship the Mother Goddess.
I don't talk with God.
I don't talk with Satan.
I don't read Tarot cards, or runes, or geomantic sigils, or palms, or
tea leaves, or the flight patterns of birds, or the entrails of animals.
I do try to keep up with nanotechnology.
I study Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
I am a capitalist.
I am somewhat versed in syllogistic, symbolic, and predicate logic.
Does this fit your view of me?
In fact, it's evident that you don't know _anything_ about what I do.
Be a little more informed before you insult someone, eh?

Don't be too rash waking me up, Reed: I nap frequently, and carry a

Toward the accumulation of useful information,