RE: virus: Science and Religion

Chelstad, Erik (
Wed, 25 Sep 96 14:23:00 PDT

Reed said:

Religion is so riddled with these problematic
idea I'm for dissolving it as opposed to reforming. Sometimes it's better
to just sit down and start over, perhaps that's what we are doing
here...but I wouldn't call it a religion, I guess I just don't like the
word and I feel language is rich enough that there is another, more
suitable one.


I agree.

My own internal defenses kick in when people
use the word religion (or mysticism or spirituality or
any other of the myriad of variants).

I'm not arguing about the semantics, and I'd hate to see another
Webster's definition come across the mail, but I'd love to see
another word without as many preconceived notions take the
place of "religion" when describing a meme theorist's view of
the world.

Does anyone have suggestions?

It seems as though the Church of Virus is dynamic enough
to survive it's pious proboscis being hacked off Ginsu