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Martin Traynor (
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> > >Science cannot be applied to social studies.

Wade T. Smith
> > Regardless of your friend's cogent points, any social scientist would
> > disagree with this. As do I.
> There's a huge difference between 'cannot' and 'is not usually'.
> Keep in mind that the reasonably detailed mathematical models that do
> show up are usually intractable computationally.

This is my final attempt to answer this point, if it fails I'm
giving up :). I did reply to Wade initially but either my mailer has
eaten the message or I directed it to him rather than the list. I
then tried to reply to Kenneth but that one definitely got eaten
(you may have noticed the header that reached the list with no
message, sorry about that).

Right, here goes. I agree that sciences shortcomings in relation to
social studies are more to do with practical implementation than with
base principles. As such, the example should not have been used to
answer the question posed (and after Wade letting me rephrase it,
what an ingrate I am ;). It says nothing about any tools that science
lacks but about our current inability to use them effectively in that
environment. Point withdrawn.

Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please,
Please, let it work this time.

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