Re: virus: Science and Religion

Wade T. Smith (
Wed, 25 Sep 1996 07:31:19 -0400

>>I can only report that I have been unable to move dimes by mental power,
>Try advertising. Use sex in your commercials.
>>I have been unable to teleport to distant lands,
>Try the internet.
>>I have been unable to successfully manipulate or predict my
>>own future by Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, or similar divination.
>From what I can tell of you by reading your posting, your failures at
>this are because you're too literal. An artist can use shades of blue
>to represent happiness, freedom, mystery, pain, loneliness, and so on.
>To use the tools you've mentioned you must use them with the eye of an
>artist, not a thinker. When you've done this you will learn to ask
>the right questions. From then on, predicting the future is easy.
>David Leeper
>Homo Deus


Sorry for the brevity of this reply- but David's answers are far from flip.

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