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Wade T. Smith (
Mon, 23 Sep 1996 12:18:44 -0400

>To summarise;
>Science cannot answer questions about reality, only its behaviour.

But- Does science not have the _tools_ required to answer questions about
reality, but does have the tools to answer questions about only reality's

I agree its a tough cookie, but perhaps only because of its complexity (as
well as the vagueness of the definition of reality), not because we can't
gather the data necessary to compel the solutions....

I'm primed to answer as well 'so what?' but I won't.

>Science cannot be applied to social studies.

Regardless of your friend's cogent points, any social scientist would
disagree with this. As do I.

>Science cannot study itself.

Don't remember asking it to.... Leave omphaloskepsis to the omphaloskeptics....

That is of course simply a semantic trick, and one not IMHO worthy of you.

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