RE[2]: virus: Tools of the trade

Wade T. Smith (
Sun, 22 Sep 1996 22:01:27 -0400

>>>In fact, it's about bloody time we realized that _only_ science has the
>>>answers to the meaning of life, the universe, and everything....
>I thought Douglas Adams had these answers, but apparently the Avatar of
>Frustrated Belligerence in Hir Glorious Manifestation as the E-Mail Guru
>and Web Creature of the Week beat him to the punch here. Can we be any more
>blatantly fin-de-sciecle [sic] than this, herr author? Are you a retired
>Objectivist -- or maybe a reincarnation of Ayn Rand in a bad mood?

Oh, dear. No, really, I'm just this guy, you know? A concerted materialist,
yes, objectivist? no; art, both its creation and its products, are too
important to me.

> Replace "science" in the above quote with _any_ ideology or practice.
>Biochemistry. Hinduism. "Sarin attacks on [sic] anyone with even half a
>percentage of Jewish blood in their family line."

My statement was _anti-ideology_, and still is. Science is _not_ an
ideology. (Nor is biochemistry, so why did you include it?) You are
correct, any ideology inserted in my statement makes it false. When it
'In fact, it's about bloody time we realized that no ideology has the
answers to the meaning of life, the universe, and everything....'
it is, IMHO, true.

Your reference to Sarin is unknown to me.

>this was not the "Army of Virus."
> Noctem

No call to arms here.

But it is time we relegated the make-believe to one side of the room. Not
in any attempt to subjugate it, but in an attempt to dialog. There may be
distinct languages here.

I do indeed ask- In what way is any thought of a human being not fiction?
But rather than get hung up on that, we pick the fiction with high
relevance. IMHO, the make-believe of the religious is of low relevance.
That is all. Just this guy.

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