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Fri, 20 Sep 1996 16:58:19 EDT

On Fri, 20 Sep 1996 12:15:08 -0700 (Ken Pantheists)

>Come on. Memetics is more timely than this. We're getting stuck in the
>of the Moderns. Memetics shows us that it doesn't matter what is
>only what is better at replicating itself.

The fact that we can view both science and religion as meme-complexs
which have found successful propagation strategies does not mean that
there are no other useful frameworks in which to compare science and
religion. There are fundamental and importand differences between the
two enterprises. The memetic perspective is incredibly useful, but, to
get in on the toolbox metaphor, it is but one tool amoung many.

>Mon. afternoon I am lecturing on elizabethan rhetoric and how it
>relates to
>Shakespearean drama. I am amazed when I hear from people under 20 that
>have *no* understanding of the Bible or any of its symbols. How much,
>I ask,
>will they get from Shakespeare? Has good old Wil been insulated out of
>meme pool as well?

No chance. Not with the emerging trend of turning old Bill's plays into
mvoies with modern settings but using the original dialog. E.g. Richard
III, and the yet to be released "William Shakespear's Romeo and Juliet"
starring the kid from "Basketball Diaries." Kenneth Brannaugh has
promised to do Hamlet in its entirety, maybe he'll set it the 1970's. I
can't wait to see Wesley Snipes as Othello. (Actually, I think Wesley
Snipes is The Man and could probably do a damned fine Othello.) How
about Keanu Reeves as Oberon or Jean Claude Van Damme as Brutus? They
could get Stephen Segall to play Ceasar. When the senators try to ambush
him on the Ides of March he kicks all thier butts and only Brutus can
take him down. Yeah, I see it now. Steve Busceme (the guy from Resevior
Dogs and Fargo) as Cassias. John Woo could direct! Yeah!

Okay, it's past. I'm better now. -KMO