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> As far as I know, science works to the extent that:
> 1) "This experiment directly contradicts that hypothesis/theory."
> [Proof by contradiction.]
> 2) "This experiment provides strong evidence that major deviations
> from this hypothesis/theory are false." [Proof by statistical
> contradiction.]

Yes, but this is all based on the belief that what we subjectively
experience is a sufficiently close approximation of objective reality (if such
exists) for our methodology to have meaning and value. This is a
belief that most of us share (I think) or at least we are prepared to
live our lives as if it were true. If it is based on subjective
experience then it is not scientific so our belief in science is 'I believe, with no scientific evidence to
support that belief, that my subjective experiences are sufficiently
close to objective events that the scientific method is valid'. That
is my belief, from which you will have difficulty dissuading me.
However, I don't consider it to be of any greater objective value
than your beliefs, whatever they may be. To paraphrase somebody; I
don't share your beliefs, but I will vigorously defend your right to
believe them.

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