Re: virus: Memetic Antibiotics

KMO prime (
Mon, 16 Sep 1996 14:45:28 EDT

On Sat, 14 Sep 1996 13:29:22 -0700 Lior Golgher
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>Branching off an idea recently discussed, Are there also memetic
>antibiotics? What are the memetic equivalents
>* Moulds producing anti-bacterial substances in order to survive.
>* People using those anti-bacterial substances in ever-growing doses.
>* Bacteria developing immunity\resistance to anti-memetic substances
>natural selection.
>* "Carnivorous-bacteria", common species of bacteria which become
>lethal on
>certain circumstances. That
>Streptococus [sp?] scaring northern-Europe about a year ago for
>The stress is upon memetic antibiotics, not upon memetic
>and\or memetic antibodies.

Wow! Those are some good questions. I sure can't supply any answers
right off the top of my head. You post is going into a folder, unlike
95% of the mail I receive. If I had a printer I'd print it and take a
look at the print out when I had a spare moment. I don't miss school,
but I miss the facilities.

Am I correct in assuming that you meant your third question to read as

What is the memetic equivalent of bacteria developing immunity\resistance
to anti-bacterial substances by natural selection?

I don't know much about moulds which produce anti-bacterial substances in
order to survive. Could you provide some pedogical service?

Good post, Lior.

Take care, all. -KMO