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Wed, 18 Sep 1996 12:36:16 -0700 (PDT)

On Sep 17, 8:27am, Steve wrote:

} 2) Consciousness programmed entirely from genes. Really? Does anyone
} realize, from all the contradictions and improbabilities that abound in the
} studies of biology, how silly this notion is? As one arbitrarily selected

Yes, which is why no one propounds it. What do you think you're talking
about, anyway? Obviously people learn things -- do you think someone
has suggested Chinese are born knowing Chinese? Who we are is highly
dependent on environment, but the mechanism is genetic. You have a
better idea, perhaps?

} example - if all cells in an organism were 'programmed' with the same DNA,
} then why do the many different types of cells in the organism behave
} differently? As another arbitrary example - if consciousness was programmed,

Because they have been programmed to grow into different forms, guided,
perhaps, by chemical gradients produced either by the embryo itself or
by the maternal environment. Bootstrapping. Hardly an esoteric concept
in the field.

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