Re: virus: Tools of the trade

Wade T. Smith (
Wed, 18 Sep 1996 14:15:14 -0400

>So, maybe there are scientists addressing problems one way and
>'witch doctors' another - given time, the witch doctors will probably
>become obsolete, but at any given point in time, for some given
>problem, they may be significantly ahead of the scientists.

Well, the only reason the 'witch doctors' can be said to be ahead is
because _their_ hand-waving has pumped up their sails, and is much more
dramatic and impressive. But none of it is an answer, and none of it has
required unimaginable tools.

The act of supplying an answer to a question which hasn't got one yet is
fraud. And _that_ is the tool of the 'witch doctor'.

Philosophy is a form of discourse, a method of arriving at the questions.
Science is that discipline which endeavors to find the answers.
Theology is fraud from both camps, although it dangles as a branch of
philosophy, apparently with permission, and without bearing fruit.

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