Re: virus: Sexuality and monogamy

Kevin M O'Connor (
Thu, 12 Sep 1996 14:58:14 EDT

There is one factor that will lend itself to the continued practice of
serial monogamy in the future. When you fall in love with someone, and
they fall in love with you, you get a endocrine rush from that person
that you won't get anywhere else (at least until you fall in love with
someone else). We've all been there, and it's a good place to be. You
may not get much done when you're on that love high, but as long as you
get it from that one special person, and as long as that person is
readily available, you'll keep going back for more. Eventually something
screws it up, you start casting around for another source, and the whole
process begins a new cycle. Serial monogamy in action.

Analogy: as long as there's good heroine freely available, what junkie is
going to bother with methadone or some other means of relieving their
need. One source is likely, at least for a time, to give you a better
high than any of the other available alternatives. Until that source
dries up, who's going to go anywhere else?

Injecting color. -KMO