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On 9 Sep 96 at 15:03, Kevin M O'Connor wrote:

> Much lesbian imagery in advertising is utilized in ads directed at women.
> Pick up an issue of Cosmo or one of it's myriad competitors and you'll
> see what I'm talking about. These mainstream venues reach a primarily
> heterosexual audience, so advertisers are directing lesbian imagery at
> straight women. I don't know what to make of this phenomenon.

I have heard it said, and have confirmed it in a limited fashion
among the women I know, that sex with another woman is quite a
popular female fantasy. Not that this necessarily means that they
want to realise that fantasy. I have heard similar things about rape

Ken wrote
> > A great variety of current practices exist (e.g., lifelong
> > virgins to orgy clubs) - however most (?) people tend to be
> > more or less serially monogamous

Kevin again
> This tendency is so universal that I'd be very surprised to learn that
> there was no genetic influence at work here.

Because of the extremely long development time needed in human young
(from point of conception up to about early or mid teens) where
someone must be around to feed and protect them, human survival
strategy dictates that those parents who pair for that duration have
the best chance of successfully propogating their genes (division of
labour etc.). I think this is why monogamy as we know it has
developed, although I suspect that the mechanism has not had enough
time (in evolutionary terms) to perfect, hence the broken marriages
etc. I also think that it will not develop further in the current
climate as a lot of the need has disappeared. A single woman has a
fair chance of perpetuating her genes successfully in western society
at the moment. (Before that raises cries of 'but the child suffers'
etc. can I stress that by successful perpetuation I mean only that she can
physically raise her child to the point where that child is then
capable of reproducing itself. Whether that child will itself be a
fit parent is, I think, immaterial to the reproductive instincts of
its parents).

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