virus: Sexuality

ken sartor (
Sat, 07 Sep 1996 12:15:43 -0500

As a new thread i am wondering what people think will happen
in human sexuality in the near future (say 10-25 years, altho
longer term ideas might also be interesting).

It seems to me that virtually all the restraints on sexuality
are due to religious admonitions to avoid it except under very
special circumstances (e.g., no sex if you are unmarried, no
sex outside of marriage, no sex between same sex partners, etc,
etc). While these rules probably made good sense 2000 years ago
(or even 50 years ago) they seem to be quite antiquated to me
now. With modern birth control we seem to be quite able to
separate pleasure from reproduction. Altho AIDS is a terrible
decease we seem to be able to overcome it with various types of
sexual activities and/or protections (in any case it probably
does not even begin to compare to syphilis in numbers of people

Also, it seems to me odd that religions (at least Christianity)
have attacked masturbation with such vehemence. In terms of
safety to the community and the individual, it seems to quite
effective (i don't think anyone ever died of it...). But the
prohibition seems to be greatest for this activity (ask any young
person if they are a virgin - that's potentially embarrassing - ask
if they masterbate - that's offensive).

So - i guess i am wondering if we are primarily a monogamous
species by genetic inclination (i doubt it) or if the church
has been *extremely* effective in the control of our sexuality
(even those of us who _DO NOT_ believe). If so, will this
collapse (like it seemed to start to do in the 60's, or will
it get even stronger (the pendulum effect)?