Re: virus: Does God Exist?
Thu, 29 Aug 96 13:45:52 BST

Silentkid wrote:

ok, here's my naive take on God....

it works for me, i don't believe in God, but i believe in the power of faith.

now, we use what, about 5% of our brains....and people who have "esp" type
powers must be using more of their brain.

So, for an example to make this confusion i've created, Mary is dying of
cancer, all of her church going friends pray for her health...they're
combined prayer/faith in god generates a healing "aura" for this person, and
brings her back.

it sounds pretty hokey, and i didn't explain as best as i could've...but i
am finding it hard getting the point from my brain to my hands, and make it
legible to other people...

ah well, i tried


I originally proposed the idea of telepathy among humans to explain pack hunting
attributes - which I've since been corrected on - and the emergence of the
God idea, due to unexplainable phonomenon caused by such an ability. I was
actually quite surprised by the respose I recieved, and various expansions
have been offered to the theory such as the travelling of images backwards
through brief periods of time, and the above idea of faith healing.

I don't see why a group of people with faith in an event happening shouldn't
produce enough telepathic persuasion to make it happen. It sounds like rather
a good idea to me - kind of like mass hysteria, where thousands of people
experience the same "unreal" occurrence, because a group of people have decided
that they're going to "see" it, and as a consequence the surrounding people
mentally buy into it.

I am, however, slightly sceptical about faith healing, because it has a physical
aspect to it. I can accept - under this theory - that a feeling of well-being
may be induced upon the sufferer, but to actually physically cure someone of
a disease is something which I cannot justify in my head. The reason for this
is that if the brain possesses the ability to cure its host, as it were, then
why doesn't it do that anyway, without this faith "aura" to give it a helping
hand. As it is obvious that the brain is incapable of curing Cancer without
external help, then I don't see that any psychic activity could make it

With regard to, perhaps, the person not being in a fit state to cure themselves
without extra mental stimuli, I would argue that the brain is very good at what
it does. For example, did you know that if someone is dying from exposure, then
it will slowly reduce the bllod supply, and thus heat supply to the body's
extremities, to keep the "core" of the body at a suitable temperature for
survival. It will continue to keep the person live until all energy resources
in the body are exhausted, and there is no other option but to cool down.

Did that come accross as I hoped it would? It just illustrates that nothing
that happens to the human body is so severe that the unconscious mind is
unable to do its best towards survival and cure - that is, if you're
unconscious things don't just stop working in your body.


Richard Jones
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