Re: FW: virus: Does God really exist?/Telepathy

Chris Anderson (J&H__DIPLOMAT"
23 Aug 96 14:36:17

David McFadzean wrote:
>Given our knowledge of probability theory it would truly be astounding if
>coincidences such as this *didn't* happen to everyone all the time.

I agree. In knowing this fact though, are you still open to the possibility
that not all coincidences are simply a matter of probability? I have read
government books on their research into Performance Enhancement, and in their
section on psychic abilities, their research showed that people were able to
make a statistically significant change in their ability to recognize shapes
and such on cards... However small that change was, even the government said
it was significant.

>I tend to agree with Reed, Wade and Jon on this issue: what we sometimes
>perceive as psychic events are actually unconscious or subconscious
>observations of
>subtle details. It should not come as a surprise that in all these recent
>where a group of friends under the influence of various chemicals experienced
>kind of unspoken communication they were almost certainly in eye contact.

>Would anyone object if this position became the "official" stance on telepathy?

I would also agree that most of what I and others have experienced have an
explanation other than psychic phenomenon. I don't currently have enough
information concerning what the "real world" explanations for some of what I
have experienced.

I used to be extremely skeptical concerning psychic phenomenon, and I am still
skeptical, but I am very interested in exploring people's claims, such as Edgar
Cayce and Jane ? (of "Seth" fame). Both of these people claim to have
channelled "entities", over a long period of time and recorded their

I am by no means a believer in most of the psychic/telepathy powers people
claim, but I am open to explore whether things are possible... Even if they
don't fit into my current view of the world...