Re: virus: Does God really exist?

ken sartor (
Fri, 23 Aug 1996 09:51:57 -0500

At 01:48 PM 8/22/96 BST, wrote:

snip, snip....
>Particle 1
> Particle 2 * Particle 3
> Particle 4
>* represents the common centre (ie, the place where the big crunch would take
> place)
>Particle 4
> Particle 3 * Particle 2
> Particle 1
>That probably doesn't make any more sense, but you never know! What's happened
>is that all the particles have swapped places, relative to their original
>position - this could carry on for all eternity, as within the system no
>energy can be lost due to the conservation of energy theory - and as there are
>no forces other than gravity involved, no energy can be lost to systems such
>as friction or heat.

Note that entropy would still advance, having as one consequence
the effect that the state of the universe would converge to a single,
constant temperture... (i.e., all the stars would eventually burn out).