Re: virus: Existence of Telepathy vs. Existence of God

Wade T. Smith (
Fri, 23 Aug 1996 10:45:39 -0400

>A real contradiction to a religion, the religious parallel to the
>ampirical [sic] antithesis, can only come from the same axioms and truths
>>upon which that religion is based - just like a real antithesis to an
>ampiric [sic] claim can only be ampiric [sic].

You _are_ meaning to use 'empirical' are you not?

You spelled _most_ other words in your largely illogical post correctly.

It is a matter of empirical discovery to find _any_ evidence of any
supposed _truth_ upon which a religion is based.

Because empiricism fails to find any evidence, what is proved is that
religious 'truth' (whatever the hell that is), has no empirical basis,
which fact alone refutes any claim religion may make about being 'real'.

And this is not to say that empirical methods can or will not be developed
to deal with fugue states, or trances, or other 'religious' states which
many use to provide proof for their beliefs. I think that PET scans and
other functional imaging techniques are already providing a tremendously
useful set of data in this regard.

The divine state of seeing the blessed virgin mary smiling down on you
could easily be a short trip to the toystore away....

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