Re: virus: Telepathy
Fri, 23 Aug 96 00:29:54 -0500

At 10:45 PM 22/08/96 -0300, you wrote:
>At 01:21 PM 8/22/96, you wrote:
>Is it really a hidden sixth sense that we have when communicating with
>others, or just the detection of subtle changes that we do not consciously
>detect but our brains do register? <snip> Perhaps a subtle change in
>body language and/or odour given off. I have read several articles on how
>people are stimulated by the natural scents that someone else gives off
>unconsciously. <more snippage>

Hm, I seem to have deleted someone's name here. Sorry if I'm misquoting.

I can tell when I go into a house where people do not get along well. I
attribute this to a keen sense of smell, thusly:

-- emotions are the result of chemical reactions.
-- certain chemicals are excreted through the skin by sweat, such as adrenaline.
-- the chemicals become airborne and affix themselves to the furnishings and
walls, ceiling and carpets.
-- the inhabitants of the house may be more likely to fight with these
scents lingering, and so perpetuate this cycle.
-- in walk I, and like a hunted animal I am on my guard...

Seems to explain, more or less to me anyway, how I can often read a person
upon the first meeting -- I am not usually fooled by initial appearances,
almost always get it right. It has bothered more than one person that I
seem to know everything about them just by being around for a few minutes.
(Also, I am quite intuitive and listen well.)


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