Re: FW: virus: Does God really exist?/Telepathy

Jon Emmett (
Thu, 22 Aug 1996 22:45:48 -0300

At 01:21 PM 8/22/96, you wrote:

>I also have began noticing what seems to me could be considered subtle energy
>in dealing with people. When people try and project something upon me, e.g.
>their view of me, I am aware of some kind of exchange of energy. There seems
>to be an actual "something" being exchanged. What is that something? Again,
>any thoughts? What is that energy you can pick up from people? For example,
>when you are in love with someone, can't you feel the energy radiating from
>them? Is this all just a product of the mind through our known sensory
>inputs? Or, is there more? Does it matter what the source is, since if it
>seems to exist, then as far as our consciousness is concerned it does exist?

Is it really a hidden sixth sense that we have when communicating with
others, or just the detection of subtle changes that we do not consciously
detect but our brains do register? It has been shown that colours can
affect one's mood, and other senses as well. Perhaps a subtle change in
body language and/or odour given off. I have read several articles on how
people are stimulated by the natural scents that someone else gives off
unconsciously. We cannot effectively control the odours that we give off,
or the body language we use, but people do pick up these, and that affects
their decisions without them realizing.