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Thu, 22 Aug 1996 18:25:28 -0500 wrote:
> My high school biology II teacher (former college professor, but he
> preferred a captive
> audience, I guess) said that he and many of his colleagues were finding the
> concept of
> God harder and harder to ignore, especially with all the intricate workings
> of the human
> body (immune system, muscle structure on the atomic basis, and especially
> the relation-

Richard Dawkins respnds thoroughly to this line of argument (often
called 'the argument from design' or 'Paley's watch') in his book "The
Blind Watchmaker." That book should be very high on the reading list of
anyone interested in the topics on which this list is focussed. In a
nutshell, once you understand that basic mechanisms of cumulative
selection, the complexity displayed by organisms is to be expected. The
existence of complex, interdependent systems does not require the prior
existence of a conscious designer.

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