FW: virus: Telepathy/Deja vu/etc.

Shepard,Ryan (Ryan_Shepard@xn.xerox.com)
Thu, 22 Aug 1996 13:55:38 PDT

>There has been a theory floating around for some time about the possibility
>of inter-group telepathy based on hallucinogenics.

For instance, let's say you enter into a meditative state and experience an
episode in which you contact the primordial urges and thoughts of our
distant ancestors. Was that a "real" experience.

Well, it was real in the sense that it occured. And it was real in the
sense that it can have a significant effect on your conciousness...

I don't want to rain on anyones parade. I also don't want to belittle
spiritual but ultimately illusory experiences...in a significant sense we
are made up of our illusions. But I haven't even seen a good evidence for
hard core "waves-from-the-brain" style telepathy or ESP.

Okay, I can see your point. But look at it this way:

Jason had a feeling, and I picked it up. Now, let's say it's sheer
coincidence. Yeah, it's possible I just had a guesstimation and it
worked out the way it did.

But with the entire range of human emotion available, what's the
possibility of me guessing the exact one? The odds are highly
unfavorable of that happening, especially when it happens twice, plus
when you add the fact that we were both under the influence of
hallucinogenic drugs, it makes it seem a lot less like coincidence and
a lot more like something 'actual'.

That was a long run-on sentence. Sorry bout that.

Anyways, I can see where you're coming from, but I'd buy more into the
coincidence explanation if it was a rare one-time occurrence, much
like if you were in the right spot when fish fell from the sky.