Re: FW: virus: Does God really exist?/Telepathy

Chris Anderson (J&H__DIPLOMAT"
22 Aug 96 13:21:57

On 22 August at 16:28 EDT, jonesr @ wrote:
Whether this is actually true, or whether they were just tripping so much that
they made it all up, I don't know, but I too have heard stories of group
thinking whilst on hallucinogens. Not just the powerful ones either - cannabis
is classed as a hallucinogen, because in vast enough quantities is too can
produce effects like those of LSD. (I've not tried LSD, and don't intend to but
I know people who have who've confirmed this). Whilst under the influence of
what is essentially quite a mild drug, I have experienced the same kind of
contact as Shep describes.

Mind you, having said that, I've experienced some pretty frightening occurrences
of knowing what someone is going to say or do before they do it. It's only on
a mild scale, but I believe that although some of it may be coincidence, it
cannot always be so.

This is something I have wondered about often. I have always been a very logic
based, "If I can't see it, touch it, smell it, it doesn't exist" kind of
person. I was a very firm atheist, and not really open to even explore my
spirituality. At this point in my life, there have been occurrences that have
made me stop and realize that just because something does not fit into my
current view of the world, that it doesn't necessarily not exist.

Many times I have thought of someone or of the phone ringing moments before the
person calls or moments before the phone rings. A significant amount of time
passed and the thought was at the forefront of my consciousness, so I feel I
can comfortably say I know what occurred with confidence. I have read papers
on coincidence, and how that there are so many things going on around you, that
some pretty amazing coincidences are going to take place that don't necessarily
have an underlining meaning. I have always wondered what is really going on,
without trying to say it has to be this or that. Any thoughts?

I also have began noticing what seems to me could be considered subtle energy
in dealing with people. When people try and project something upon me, e.g.
their view of me, I am aware of some kind of exchange of energy. There seems
to be an actual "something" being exchanged. What is that something? Again,
any thoughts? What is that energy you can pick up from people? For example,
when you are in love with someone, can't you feel the energy radiating from
them? Is this all just a product of the mind through our known sensory
inputs? Or, is there more? Does it matter what the source is, since if it
seems to exist, then as far as our consciousness is concerned it does exist?

Which leads to something I have been pondering, and would welcome any insight
from anyone: Since we cannot know the true nature of our
reality/consciousness, does it really matter what that true nature is, or is it
even possible to find out? For example, we cannot know whether or not we are
just a brain in a jar being fed this experience, or our waking world is just as
much a dream as what we consider our dream world, or any other mild to wild
explanation of "What is going on"... On that note, since all we are is what we
experience, isn't our dream world just as real as what we consider our real

I get confused at times pondering because I can also see how we could be
basically "meat machines" that are simply functioning like a machine, and we
call our awareness "consciousness".... Memetics seems to me to work on a level
of dealing with people as a machine/computer... and makes perfect sense, and
especially with what I have read about religion from a memetics stand-point
seems a very valid model of human behavior/ideas. So I ask to those of you who
are very knowledgable concerning memetics to fill me in on how you view some of
the psychic/subtle energy/consciousness issues.

My personal explanation, at this point, is that we have limited sensory
ability, in that of all of the different types of information available in the
world, we can only take in a limited amount with what tools we have evolved to
have. Therefore, it seems very likely that there can exist subtle energy and
other "things" that we cannot perceive with our limited senses... And some of
the senses we seem to have shut off....

Ok, I have rambled enough... Any views on what I have touched on is greatly