Re: virus: Power (from WAY back)
Wed, 21 Aug 96 12:53:12 -0500

>But it is possible to "use" memetics and ignore the metameme.
>eg. Nike's advertising campaign for "No Fear" scares the crap out of me
>sometimes-- it uses the same editing pattern and "pallette" as most
>horror films. But nowhere do they say "We're scaring you into buying
>Nike." That's left up to the customer.
>Another example: Nike's other advertising logo "The swoop" looks (to me
>anyway) like a check mark. Everywhere I see people walking around with
>checkmarks on their chests and foreheads, like they've been approved by
>Ken Pantheists
>Virus Theatre
>TooBa Physical Theatre Centre

Hm... To me, the check mark always gave me the impression that someone was
counted as a mistake, as in the case of those red marks I got on my tests
in certain classes I slept through in high school.

Jazzmin Sommers