virus: Does God really exist? (II. Part)

Paulo Rodrigues (
Fri, 16 Aug 1996 22:25:17 +0100

>Continuing the previous ideas:
>3. God was always a companionship to the people who are alone. Everybody
knows "cliches" like these: "So help me God", "God be with you", "stay with
God"... and many others.
>4. God is the Hope on the beyond, is what makes people respect each other
and what makes people respect the rules that the ones who created God made.
>So God exists, on one hand, to make people respect thouse rures, on the
other hand, to give hope to manking, because there is anything beyond death.
Maybe the human being will be terrified if they thought, they must rest in
peace, but just under the sod.
>To be continued...
>I would like coments to these ideas. Thank You.