RE: virus: RE: All = gene + meme ?

Richard Brodie (
Mon, 12 Aug 1996 12:03:34 -0700

Ken Pantheists wrote:

>Could the memes that we program ourselves with be temporary, as if we
>are trying them out
>for two hours? I think that's how theatre and storytelling can work.
>These could be Soft
>These soft memes will work differently in different narrative forms.
>Closed, stable
>narratives will produce harder memes than an open, unstable narrative.
>The latter will
>probably even soften some of our presently held hard memes.

I think you're really on to something. As well as "Virus of the Mind"
has been selling, it will never reach 97% of the people because it is
packaged as nonfiction and thus cannot penetrate people's hardened
memetic shells.

I am working on a novel to communicate the same ideas, for essentially
the reason you just discussed. Why do you think Jesus spoke in parables?
Most religions have an esoteric sect, in which the dogma is discussed as
"nonfiction", and a common variety for the masses, who relate to

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