Re: virus: The seven deadly memes?

Tue, 2 Jul 1996 18:07:24 -0500

> Please send me a copy. I'm am VERY interested.
>Thanks a bunch,
>Matthew Willis
>> BTW, I'll send a free copy of "C: The Collected Infection" to anyone on the
>> Virus list. Just send me a snail mail address.
>> ************************************************************************

To all the people who requested copies of the CI,

Your copies are in envelopes addressed to you. I have not yet mailed them
as I'm waiting for the printer to finish the first batch of groovy C
refridgerator magnets. They should be ready on Monday (July 8th). When
they're ready, I'll plop one in each envelope and send them on their merry
memetic way.

The offer is still open, though I think supplies of the CI are nearly
exhausted (the magnets, however, will be plentiful). I won't be printing
any more copies of the CI in it's current form, and I've no idea when I'll
get the updated version assembled.

BTW, you should probably send requests for the CI directly to me rather
than through the Virus list. Thanks for the use of your brains. Take
care. -KMO


You will propagate the C memetic complex.
You will be Conscious of your role as memetic vector.
Resistance is futile.