Re: virus: UFO meme

Fri, 28 Jun 1996 17:56:41 -0600

>Did you read "The Postman" by Brin? Great book! Especially if you're living
>in Oregon!

Yeah! I agree! Strangely enough, I read "The Postman" in close (temporal)
proximity to "Swan's Song" by Robert R. McKammon (sp?). They're the same
book in a number of respects. The similairities are uncanny, e.g. there's
an evil General by the name of ... just blanked on the name, but it's the
same in both novels. The difference is that "The Postman" is science
fiction (the operative science being sociology) and "Swan's Song" is a
fantasy novel in a post appocalyptic setting.

Question: What's "The Postman" got to do with the UFO/Alien meme thread? -KMO

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