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Fri, 21 Jun 1996 18:08:49 -0700 (PDT)

/appealing (infectious) about the memes. Have aliens and angels
/taken the place of elves and witches (both bad and good) in our

According to David Brin, yes. At his most recent Caltech talk he said:
"My wife and I were in a bookstore, and she pointed out a copy of
William Streib's _Communion_ [with standard big-eyed alien on the
cover]. She said 'For a moment there I thought it was about elves.'

And then it hit me! They've always been with us! Just beyond the
firelight, teasing and stealing and pranking..."

The Twilight people, always beyond the firelight, containing our ideals
of light and darkness (Seelie Court/star-brothers::goblins/abducting
aliens) The light of the 20th century reaches pretty far, so they've
been pushed back. Now we see them lurking in orbit, but they're still
the same: lurking, watching, darting across.

Brin again:"Probably they don't exist; they're just figments of our
habit of seeing things in the dark. If they do exist... they're not our

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