RE: virus: language

Vicki Rosenzweig (
Wed, 19 Jun 96 09:26:00 PDT

How would one explain a meme to someone who is deaf and blind? (That
the person was also mute seems irrelevant?) Probably using signs
spelled into the hand, a la Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan, if the person
had always been deaf and blind; Braille might be an option in some cases,
particularly for someone who had grown up blind but able to hear, and lost
their hearing later.

If the question is "how would you explain a meme to someone you had no
way of communicating with," I can't think of an answer. How would you
anything to such a person? This is the sort of thing that can give me
nightmares, but I don't know that it has much (or anything) to do with

From: owner-virus
To: virus
Subject: virus: language
Date: Tuesday, June 18, 1996 10:34PM

How would someone explain a meme to those who are deaf, dumb and
blind? Without language do memes mean anything?