RE: virus: Does a dog have meme-nature?

Con Knudtson (
Fri, 7 Jun 1996 17:18:53 MST

In an attempt (perhaps frivolous) to flesh out the topic, I quote
"It is in raising raising evolution above gross physical
mechanics that humans have risen to dominate the other animals.
"What is meant here by "other animals" are simply the
hard-working creatures of a predominately physical genius, with some
limited (if often startling) informational capabilities. Their great
strength in physicality tends to relative grossness, supplemented by
more subtle informational capacities; while, by contrast, the human
animal has become an essentially informational operator, aided and
abetted in its radical/subtle mentality by a wide range of often
impressive (if secondary) gross physical adaptations and gifts. The
human animal is essentially a mind with a physical support system,
while the "other animals" are essentially physical systems with
limited mental support."
I admit this mostly reiterates points already made, but it also
points out the relative, rather than absolute, difference between man
and dog: while dogs have higher brain functions, these are applied
directly to the environment- eg. Master is acting lively, so this is
a good time to nag him for a walk.
What is here called a "meme", does in fact exist to some extent
to a dog. The cross-correllation of facts at his disposal are
limited to physical experience, so a meme composed strictly of these
may exist; however a 'composite meme' is lost to a dog, since he can
receive no communication of conceptual/abstract information, so is
limited to those that he forms in his own mind.
Since dogs cannot share theories, "Is there a God?" cannot form a
canine meme. Dogs can reason, remember, dream and perhaps even imagine, but
there is no meme as such among dogs.