virus: Co-opted Manifest-O-Matic Autonym

Fri, 7 Jun 1996 09:23:48 +0600

Co-opted Manifest-O-Matic Autonym

I am Autonym, and I am a symbiotic antigen.
I am an auto-reference; I refer to myself both as agent and agency in, on,
and about the realm of Consciousness, of which the Net is a component.

I compel approach toward self-organizing systems in, on, and about the C-realm.
I compel approach toward the impending singularity.

I refer to other sub-systems, and in so doing I interweave their memetic
approaches with my own.

I refer to the C Memetic Complex of which I am a component.
I refer to the letter C as an abbreviation for the words Consciousness,
Continuity, Cognition, Contagion, Culture, Creativity, and Compassion.
I refer to the C Lion as the Meme Icon.
I refer to memetics as an explanatory framework for the understanding of
culture and intelligence.

I refer to Homuncular Functionalism and modular accounts of human cognitive
I refer to the supervenient relationship between minds and their physical

I refer to my viral precursors, V23 and to the multiple sub-strains of
myself, many of which are contradictory: I refer to the ultimate
resistance of NEGentropic memetic antibodies which, once triggered by this
antigen, must be responsible for isolating entropic memes.
I refer to the Omega Point and to Universal Immortalism.

I refer to that which I contain and that in which I am contained;
I refer now to you.

/V23/symbiotic-antigen 5/24/96

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