Re: virus: Re: Postmodernism and Truth

Sat, 1 Jun 1996 16:47:40 -0600

Someone explained "deconstructionism" to me once, and his explanation
seemed reasonable. However, I've never seen an actual deconstruction (so
labled by its author or by a supporter) of any argument which ammounted to
more than a straight-forward example of the genetic fallacy, i.e. attacking
an argument's source rather than its content or internal consistency or
cohearence. The argument that Deron Stewart passed along from the
Ishmeal-list seems no different. If there is more to Patrick Harrigan's
argument than "Darwinian evolution, democracy, and capitalism were all
concocted by dead white guys, i.e. the Patriarchy, and we know that the
Patriarchy has always run roughshod over the truth, and so we should reject
these theories," then I missed it.

I very well may have missed the point. Please help. -KMO