RE: virus: Absolute Truth

Bill Godby (
Fri, 24 May 1996 19:25:43 -0400

Tad, I absolutely did not mean to offend you, I only wanted to point out
that people who follow absolute truths do not always allow room for other
truths to exist in their space simultaneoulsy. The hatred that has led to
the terrible atrocities in former Yugoslovia has it's seeds sown in what
each side believes to the truth, not to say that the issue is comprised of
this initself, it is not. I think you misinterpreted my argument in that it
seems you thought I was saying that it is a place of many truths, anything
goes, etc. My point was that it is a place that has been destroyed by
intolerance of other's beliefs, that absolute truth has resulted in serious
human disaster. Again, my apologies for upsetting you.

P.S. I also believe that this thread had it's day.

At 03:02 AM 5/24/96 -0700, Tadeusz Niwinski wrote:
>Bill Godby wrote:
>>At 01:45 PM 5/22/96 -0700, Richard Brodie wrote:
>>>Tad wrote:
>>>>What is "a principled life" if there is no Absolute Truth?
>>>This is a good question, and one that you can start answering for
>>>yourself just as soon as you disinfect yourself of the Absolute Truth
>>A quick tour through the former Yugoslovia would probably speed the process
>>of disinfection.
>I am not sure if I understand you, Bill. Correct me if I am wrong. I read
>from your post, that you suggest I disinfect myself from the Absolute Truth
>meme, and to speed this process you suggest I go to former Yugoslavia.
>I do not find it funny. I was raised in so called communist Poland, where
>one was taught to follow and not to question -- or one was ridiculed or put
>to jail or killed. I feel ridiculed now, rather than provided a sincere
>point of view -- Richard's and yours. Do you have one, or you just want to
>There is another post-communist interesting meme: to please the leader and
>ridicule those who the leader ridicules.
>In Yugoslavia they believed "anything goes" because "my truth is as good as
>yours" since "there is no absolute truth". Are you suggesting we do the
>same everywhere else? This is how I understand your post.
>Tad Niwinski from TeTa where people grow
>There is no Absolute Truth, although we are getting closer and closer to IT.
Bill Godby