RE: virus: Anti Absolute Truth Shot

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Wed, 22 May 1996 18:07:29 -0700

Richard wrote:
>>>One needs to stand behind one's morals, not have them imposed
>>>externally. Then one can truly lead a principled life.
>>What is "a principled life" if there is no Absolute Truth?
>This is a good question, and one that you can start answering for
>yourself just as soon as you disinfect yourself of the Absolute Truth

I like your sense of humor and I don't even mind the ridicule. Thank you
for your unsolicited advice, but I have already answered the question about
principled life for myself. It is based on the Absolute Truth meme.

In "Virus of the Mind" you describe an incident when Jim Jones said
something like this: "trust me, just disinfect yourself and you will find
the answer". Apparently this strategy works. I hope this is not your
intension to kill my honest beliefs just because it is your advice.

Suppose I am ready to inject the anti Absolute Truth meme into my veins, so
I can faithfully join your "we need to use all the tricks in the book to
spread the memetics metameme" crusade, although I prefer -- and I call it
"conscious life" -- to understand rather than blindly follow the leader.
This is why I asked you what YOU meant by the above slogan about "principled
life". Would you mind a sincere answer? (yes, I know you wrote two books).

>My basic point is not to get sucked into solving problems or fighting
>battles that don't further your conscious purpose.

Good point. I am sure it is my conscious purpose to understand "all the
tricks in the book". Memetics is fascinating. I was just about to join the
TA group, when I realized that this IS my life purpose.

>>How does it relate to "It's good to live consciously" meme? Isn't living
>>consciously striving for a better approximation of objective reality (both
>>in physical and social life)?
>I'll just say a flat out "no" to that question. Again my thoughts on
>conscious living are discussed in detail in my two books.

I did consult your both books. Would you mind a brief clarification of what
you mean by "living consciously".

Tad Niwinski from TeTa where people grow
There is no Absolute Truth, although we are getting closer and closer to IT.