Re: Postmodernism and Truth (was Re: virus: Simulacrum)

Ken Pantheists (
Tue, 21 May 1996 13:00:04 +0000

Bill Goodby wrote:
Cultures do not necessarily create narratives about their origins with
intent of "accuracy". The theory of evolution is not a metaphorical
it is a scientific model. It is a mistake (which Judeo-Christianity
to interpret mythology as intending any type of accuracy.

Agree: Are there not two words in German for "history"?

One word refers to real history and another word refers to myth-history.

The two words give provision to the idea that something can be truthful
without being accurate. --- Like the actor who tells a lie to speak a
greater truth.

However- I have to balk at Bill's induction that Judeo-Christianity
believes the creation story is accurate. Your statement would be more
truthful if you said "some denominations of Judaism and Christainity".

There are many biblical scholars and entire denominations who value the
stories only because of their meaning- not because of their accuracy.

Bill and David: It sounds like, from your last two posts, that you are
both on the same side. The arguement sounds like it comes down to a
language issue.

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