Re: virus: Membership

David McFadzean (
Mon, 20 May 1996 12:42:40 -0600

At 10:32 PM 19/05/96 -0400, CL wrote:
>Can you tell me how many members Virus now boasts (not that you're boasting;)?

I can indeed. A couple months ago I added an undocumented feature to the
majordomo list server running on Lucifer. Anyone can send a message to with "count virus" in the body of the message. You
will soon get a reply similar to this:

>>>> count virus
Number of members of list 'virus': 150
>>>> end

Interestingly the count has remained very close to 150 since I started
checking regularly a couple months ago even though it usually get 5
new subscribers/day.

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