virus: Origins of order (was Re: Postmodernism and Truth)

David McFadzean (
Sun, 19 May 1996 18:03:16 -0600

Ken Pantheists wrote:
> Reed Konsler wrote:
> > Stuart Kaufmann (In: "Origins of Order") draws some interesting conclusions
> > from mathematical models of "evolving" entities on fitness landscapes. His
> > book is think, complicated, and technical. But, I think it's worth the
> > trouble. what I was able to extract from it was this:
> (snip)
> Reed's last post is blowing my mind.

An easier introduction to Stuart Kauffman's ideas can be found in his
_At Home in the Universe_ subtitled "The Search for the Laws of Self-
Organization and Complexity" (Oxford University Press, 1995). From what
I gather, it covers the same material as _Origins of Order_ but written
for a wider audience. Has anyone read it yet?