RE: virus: Heresies

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Wed, 15 May 1996 16:07:31 -0700

Vicki Rosenzweig wrote:
>I'm not sure why we want a list of heresies. Once people have heresies,
>they have heretics, and that seems to lead to no good.

That's right. Heresy is the commandment #2 in Richard's "Virus of the Mind"
(p.192). "Heresy is any belief that goes against the dogma of a religion".
If there are no heretics the religion memes do not replicate well. The
memes (who live their own lives and don't care about us) want us to have
heretics (one has just been flamed). It was Feather Forestwalker who
provoked Richard to start with #2 rather than #1 (I said I could not wait
until we get to #9 which is sex).

If we want to start it from the beginning, Tradition is #1. Let's have an
initiation process. Let each new member send us one hundred post cards each
(the more effort the better, second thought: may be something with sex...).
Another good tradition would be to have Friday as Richard's Day: there is no
discussion on Fridays and each one of us sends Richard some greetings (me
too, as soon as I become his official assistant, I guess David McFadzean
must have his share as well, but I jump to #11, Dominance, too fast). Any
other ideas for Tradition?

Seriously, I don't mind discussing heresy as long as we remember that it is
all abut beliefs. No one is forced to change his/her beliefs even if we
judge them as heretics. We are safe as long as we try not to flame people
(can we do that?) and talk about concepts, ideas or beliefs (or even
memes!), but not their carriers (ie. people who have those beliefs).

>In any case, while I can see the objections to the others, what's wrong
>with "live and let live"?

That is a good one. If you interpret it as "be good to yourself and others"
I also think there is nothing wrong with it. It may also be interpreted as
"don't notice when other people cheat, because you may be cheating to". Or
steal. Or murder. "Nobody is perfect" goes with it and is used to explain
all kinds of wrong things.

BTW: Living consciously is the first pillar of self-esteem according to
Nathaniel Branden. He has written an excellent book "The Six Pillars of
Self-Esteem". I found his articles at

:) Tad Niwinski from TeTa <>
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