[Fwd: virus: The rules]

Ken Pantheists (kenpan@axionet.com)
Wed, 15 May 1996 11:15:00 +0000

Tadeusz Niwinski wrote:
-- to treat everything that happens to you as a
> lesson and ask: "What can I learn from it?" What can we learn from Tom's posts?

I couldn't agree with you more Tad. And, qiuite frankly I feel a little
embarassed about some of my posts. It takes a lot to try my patience,
but I really get burned when I see other people *used* in the interest
of puffing up one's image. I went beyond simply asking for it to stop
and flamed. :(

Tom is a great rebel. Rebels are great they promote change. He might
even be an anti-hero; the guy who ultimately gets things done outside of
antiquated conventions.

But there is a way to challenge ideas without mis-using appropriation.

> I suggest Rule #1: Intimidation is a bad, prehistoric meme. We can
> consciously eliminate it from our precious life by not using it.

Totally agree. But rather than have a list of rules (I can see it going
to Rule #26) Why not just have one, treat others the way you would want
to be treated by them? It's an old, pioneer days idea that I think has
great use and value

Ken Pantheists