Re: virus: Communication

Deron Stewart (
Wed, 15 May 1996 13:12:13 -0500

David McFadzean wrote:
> I think what we are seeing here is a limitation of ascii
>(i.e. textual) communication which is almost completely devoid of
>nuance, intonation, gesture and body language. I say "almost" because
>this is precisely why the emoticons like the smiley were invented.

I followed the thread that started with Tom Loeber's posting with great
interest, especially that interesting sidebar involving an innocent acronym
gone awry (i.e. ROFL).

Maybe things will be a little more effective when we can post the equivalent
of an HTML/VRML page as a posting instead of just some text and smileys.
Tom's toroidal cosmological model might have prompted more discussion if
we'd actually seen it. A movie clip of Richard actually rolling on the floor
laughing would have left no room for misunderstanding or bad feelings.

Putting names to faces (if the author chose to include a picture of
him/herself in the "signature" of the HTML page) could eliminate some of the
"dehumanizing" nature of the discussion as well that I think Feather was
referring to. For example, ever since I visited Stephen's home page
( I feel like I actually
know him (though he has no idea who I am...).

(This is probably heretical to those who consider the personal anonymity of
BBS's and mailing lists to be a virtue ... but I prefer actual people with
interesting ideas to textual representations of them.)

The list has become realy exciting! Look forward to more.


Deron Stewart
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(I'd include a picture if I could... :-)