Re: virus: Is the term "meme" necessary?

Tom Loeber (
Tue, 14 May 1996 15:36:00 -0700 (PDT)

>*****Tom Loeber(May14,2:44am)
>What? Huh? Doesn't weight have a "scientific model" interpretation also? In
>fact, weight's scientific model includes multiple masses and gravity, a good
>deal more encompassing than just mass. "Mass" is a singular phenomenon.
>"Weight" is a relationship.
>Are you being deliberately dense? This is not an argument for the sake of
>arguement. Try a debating club.
>The concept of mass is more useful than weight exactly because mass is
>independent of context.
Maybe someday when most of humanity lives off planet mass may be used more
often but for now, "weight" takes the cake as being more useful than mass by
a long shot. Mass may be an intrinsic quality of all matter but further up
the scale of more comprehensive concepts, mass is but one intrinsic quality
of weight.
>It doesn't matter where in space you are, mass is
>conserved. This leads to such elegant solutions as:
>E=mc2 (That 2 should be superscript)
>Trying to define this same relationship between matter and energy, using
>weight, leads to a very complicated equation requiring more constants.
Right! Weight is a more weighty concept than mass! BTW, I prefer to think
of the general theory of relativity as E/M=C squared. Helps me to avoid the
mistake you just made "It doesn't matter where in space you are, mass is
>Remember from physics? Mass is an intrinsic property, and thus it is a more
>versitile concept. Sure, everthing could be done with weight; you could also
>avoid ever reducing fractions: 57/114ths. But 1/2 is so much more elegant.
Ah, you've discovered my weakness. I never reduce my fractions. How did
you know? Does the theology of memes give one special powers of mind
reading? Boy, maybe I am missing out. Thanks for pointing out the obvious.
Maybe we all should go back to grade school.
>You, yourself have been insisting on clarity. That is what "mass" and "memes"
>provide: clarity of thought.
Spoken like a true believer. I think "mess" and "mames" would be just as
logically clarifying separate from the context of their usage as you