Re: virus:responsibility and religion

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Mon, 13 May 1996 20:12:26 +0100

John A wrote:
>As you may have noticed, I took back my premature judgement of
>christianity and other religions based upon occurances of violence in
>their history. As I said, anything can be misused. At certain times I
>get very angry about the actions of some religious people, but I now
>realize that I am angry with the wrong thing.

Religion as such supresses scepticism and critical judgement. That this
therefore gets expressed in egocentric actions is inherent in it self.

John A goes on:

What I am really angry
>with is the fact that certain people manipulate religion and faith to
>fulfill their own ulterior motives. It also angers me that some
>religious people harbor such intolerance for lifestyles other than their
>own. Religion, be it christianity or any other, is not responsible for
>this. Religion is just how it is manifested.

I repeat my case.
Sorry for jumping into what may now be a pretty dead debate. I'm in a hurry
and just felt like stating the obvious. Hi everyone!

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And it's half right every hour!