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Bill Godby (
Fri, 10 May 1996 20:35:52 -0400

I myself have no intentions of flaming, I think you have some provocative
thoughts which I will comment on at length later. Off the top of my head I'm
thinking of myth and metaphor, those conveyors of the unspeakable. Both
operate on the realm of translating human experiene that doesn't lend itself
to speech. Regarding the immediate comment below, I'm reminded of Claude
Levi-Strauss who spoke posited that groups that had totems such as a bear
used the bear as something to think about, it (the bear) was not only good
to eat but good to think. There is lots to chew on here for sure. I agree to
dig out some Romantics and I've suggested that Hume's Treatise of Human
Nature is very relevant, probably read the abstract first since that gets
you right into the heart of his arguments.

At 03:30 PM 5/9/96 +0000, Ken Pantheists wrote:

>The romantics had a good thought going. That the universe is so bloody
>big, there are things that you just can't and shouldn't bother thinking
>about. It is more useful to think *around* them rather than through
>This lead to a whole theory of the subconcious in which it was held that
>there is a whole system of human thought that is *repressed* (ala freud)
>because it is not organized by a system- i.e. not formed as concrete,
>usable language. The romantics believed in following the symbols in
>dreams, for example, because they were the gateway into the universal
>subconscious. A body of knowledge that is presumably shared by all
>Before you flame me for being irrational, let me offer this. The
>subconscious is a meme that allows the rationality meme to exist.
>Do you follow me?
Bill Godby