Re: virus:Other Reality

John A (
Wed, 08 May 1996 22:43:29 -0500

David McFadzean wrote:
> Some things are inferred, not from direct observation, but from their
> effects. Mendel wrote about genes 50 years before anyone tied them to DNA
> sequences. Perhaps the same is true for memes. We spend a lot of time
> about them as if they exist, but no-one knows what they "really" are on a
> physical level. Do memes exist?

Something related to this was discussed on the "definition of belief"
thread. I don't remember exactly who expressed what views, but I
remember quite a problem with the true existance of belief. Someone said
something to the effect that "If one believes in x, then one acts as
though x is true". This was questioned with "What if belief in x
necesitates no observable action?" This can be rephrased for our current
discussion; what if the existance of x leaves no observable evidence of
it's existance?

John Aten