Re: [Fwd: Re: virus: Definition of Belief]

Reed Konsler (
Sun, 21 Apr 1996 14:29:27 -0400

Ken Pantheists Said Sun Apr 21, 1:58am
Gestalt theorists say that environment has only some influence over us
because we are, by nature, black boxes. In other words- stuff goes in-
who the hell knows what goes on in there, but the only real science can
occur by observing what comes out. But there's always that black box
that remains essentially unobservable.

I agree with this definition, except I think you are defining behaviorists, and
not Gestalt.

As I understand it Gestalt psycologists were the first to really emphasise the
mind's ability, and need to find order or pattern within information. They
were the first to really use thouse picture that can look life two different
things (like two faces or a vase) and the "Necker cube" as analogfies for the
way the mind works.

Unlike behaviorists, the Gestalt psycologists were in search of an
"understanding" of the functions of the human mind.

But I pretty much agree with the rest of what you said. Except that I'm
pro-Gestalt (its a really neat idea) not against it. I would say that
Behaviorist<--->Gestalt is a false dichotomy. The two ideograms don't attempt
to occupt the same belief space. Thet don't always accomatate one another, but
can be made to work in concert.